An exceptionally light weight and absorbing face sunscreen with soothing and moisturizing properties. Provides a pearl duwy look. It contains ectoin clinically proven that protects the skin from air pollution, IR and blue light radiation.

Certified Vegan | GMO free | cruelty free

Eco Bottle certified "I am Green"

50 ml "No Packaging tricks"

Sun-lite pearl | Oil free face sunscreen

  • Ectoin: clinically proven to protect the skin from pollution IR and blue light.

    Squalane: The ultimate ingredient with regenerative and anti-aging properties.

    Prickly pear: Due to its high content of vitamin C , carotenoids and potassium , prickly pear protects the skin and fights free radicals, offering glowing healthy skin.

    Aloe and Panthenol: An amazing blend of anti-inflammatory and regenerative action.